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AGC has cultivated invaluable partnerships with premier suppliers of architectural glass and cladding worldwide. These exclusive relationships highlight our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

Through these strategic alliances, AGC gains a distinct advantage by directly engaging with manufacturers. This hands-on approach enables us to maintain rigorous control over the quality and outcome of every order we place, ensuring that our clients receive products of the highest standard.

Our extensive range of options reflects our dedication to providing customized solutions for every project. Whether you’re embarking on a cutting-edge commercial development or a bespoke residential endeavour, AGC possesses the expertise and exclusive access needed to deliver optimal solutions for your vision.

Place your trust in us to not only meet but exceed your expectations, as we continue to shape the skyline with innovation and precision.

Collaborate with us.

Precision is paramount in tackling intricate and expansive architectural endeavours, necessitating thoughtful planning and world-class execution.

We collaborate with leading global suppliers, ensuring an optimal outcome for each project.


Every project begins with a conversation. Let’s discuss your vision.


We’ll align your requirements with leading industry solutions and customise options to suit your needs.


Let us seamlessly manage your project, overseeing procurement, manufacturing and delivery.