U-channel glass, a contemporary architectural marvel, redefines the possibilities of design and functionality in modern buildings. This innovative glass system, shaped like a U, not only introduces a unique aesthetic but also serves as a versatile solution for enhancing natural light, visual transparency, and thermal performance. U-channel glass finds its place in creating striking facades, interior partitions, and other design elements, offering architects and designers the flexibility to craft spaces that seamlessly blend form and function. With its sleek lines and adaptability, U-channel glass stands as a testament to the evolution of architectural transparency, creating environments that are both visually stunning and functionally efficient.

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Uniprof introduces a translucent linear channel system that gracefully invites natural light into a space while ensuring privacy by obscuring vision. When illuminated by both natural and artificial light sources, Uniprof transforms into a captivating and character-filled finished product.

U-channel glass is available in a range of heights and widths, providing architects and designers with versatile options to meet diverse design and functional requirements. Whether you need towering panels to accentuate vertical elements or expansive widths to enhance horizontal spaces, U-channel glass offers flexibility for a variety of architectural applications.

This adaptability in size ensures that U-channel glass can be seamlessly integrated into projects of varying scales, contributing to both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the built environment.

Key Benefits of Uniprof

  • Superior light diffusion
  • Large span capabilities
  • Allows the construction of curved walls
  • Rapid and cost effective installation
  • Available for single or double skin construction
  • Extensive range of textures and finishes

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Our partnership with Uniprof represents a commitment to innovation and superior design in architectural solutions. Together, we bring forth a modern, adaptable, and visually striking approach to architectural glazing solutions.


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