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OKALUX focuses their work on the optimal use of daylight – which is the key to low energy consumption and high user comfort. Using trademarked technology, OKALUX specialises in the encapsulation of materials such as natural wood grills, metal meshes, capillaries for diffusion and parabolic louvres within the cavity of insulated units to ensure optimal atmospheric light and regulate the energy input into a building. This unique system allows for light deflection, improved diffusion and transparent heat insulation.

OKALUX prides themselves on high quality, unique products that not only contribute to the aesthetics of a building but they also improve the comfort of interior conditions by adding natural daylight while controlling heat gain and glare.

Key Benefits of Okalux

  • Exceptional thermal insulation
  • Cost saving
  • Bespoke appearance
  • High design standards
  • Variety of aesthetic finishes
  • Sustainable product offerings
  • Highly functional solar shielding/directing
  • Excellent customisation options

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