Since 1977, Lanik has been providing comprehensive structural solutions for canopies, facades, and retractable roof structures, guiding projects seamlessly from design to manufacturing and assembly.

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Lanik specialises in providing complete architectural structural solutions, encompassing design, manufacturing, and assembly. Drawing upon our extensive experience, we excel in engineering structures tailored to meet each client’s specific needs. Lanik utilises exclusive patented single-layer and space frame systems, extensively tested, alongside retractable roof and glulam structures.

Our distinctive designs empower architects to explore innovative possibilities, featuring exceptionally large spans and creatively curved structures. These structures can be clad with a variety of materials, including glass, aluminum, PTFE, and other unique options.

Key Benefits of Lanik

  • Extensive Global Reach: Successfully executed projects spanning 49 countries, including Australia. 
  • Fully CNC Industrialized: Utilizing advanced CNC technology for the production of modular and prefabricated structures.
  • Exceptional Precision: Achieving high accuracy with an overall tolerance of less than 9 mm, even in structures exceeding 150 m.
  • Lightweight Construction: Creating structures that are notably light, resulting in reduced requirements for pillar and foundation dimensions.
  • Efficient Transport: Elements are meticulously packed in a fully disassembled state, ensuring streamlined and cost-effective transportation.
  • Rapid and Safe Assembly: Swift and secure assembly without welding, minimising the risk of errors.
  • Ideal for Large Spans: Particularly effective for projects with expansive spans, such as airports, stadiums, arenas, warehouses, mineral domes, and train stations.

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Architectural Glass & Cladding collaborates as a strategic partner with Lanik throughout the design and planning stages, ensuring the realization of your envisioned outcomes for the buildings of the future.


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