Global Security Glazing

Experience the pinnacle of security with Global Security Glazing’s state-of-the-art security glass, delivering unmatched defence against attacks for facilities such as correctional institutions, embassies, courthouses, museums, and hospitals. 

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In the realm of security solutions, Global Security Glazing goes beyond the ordinary by providing cutting-edge security glass that not only meets stringent tests and safety standards but also demonstrates exceptional reliability in everyday scenarios worldwide. While traditional armored glass may be considered secure in specific instances, Global Security Glazing‘s commitment to excellence ensures a level of protection that surpasses expectations. Notably, Global Security Glazing bulletproof glass stands as an unwavering defense even in the face of the most formidable attacks, establishing itself as a trusted and resilient choice for safeguarding facilities globally.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Security
  • Personal Safety
  • Crime Deterrence
  • Minimal Disruption
  • Glass security from .22LR handgun to Draagunov Hardcore
  • Certified and tested in accordance with the strictest standards
  • Individual testing available for specific requirements

Interested in using Global Security Glazing solutions?

In choosing Global Security Glazing, you not only invest in cutting-edge security technology but also gain access to a range of benefits that prioritize safety, adhere to rigorous standards, and accommodate the distinct requirements of your facility.


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