Leaders in façade innovations

With extensive history in the facade industry, AGC specialises in merging aesthetic allure with innovative design. Our dedication lies in delivering customised, high-performance products that shape the future of the global building industry.

In our realm, glass becomes a powerful statement. Collaborating with renowned architects and design professionals, we contribute to iconic projects ranging from upscale multi-story developments, hotels, and airports to cutting-edge museums, state-of-the-art university and hospital buildings, and global corporate identity branding.

What sets us apart?

Our products seamlessly integrate distinctive aesthetic features, such as oversized, curved, intricate, or decorative elements, with high-performance solutions that encompass superior solar and daylight control, along with effective acoustic insulation.

Fuelled by a passion for progress, we continuously explore cutting-edge technologies and stay at the forefront of global advancements.

We foster strong collaborative partnerships with architects, fabricators, engineers, and building professionals, guaranteeing a smooth process from concept to completion.

We implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure excellence in all our products.



Every project begins with a conversation. Let’s discuss your vision.


We’ll align your requirements with leading industry solutions and customise options to suit your needs.


Let us seamlessly manage your project, overseeing procurement, manufacturing and delivery.