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Australian Museum – Sydney, NSW

Australian Museum in Sydney

The Australian Museum in Sydney, (the first museum in Australia) has been given a glittering new facelift by Neeson Murcutt and Joseph Grech (architects in association).

Two dozen 8.5-metre-high stainless steel-framed glass panels form twelves pleats that make up the northern facade of the museum’s new entrance hall on William Street.

Dubbed “Crystal Hall,” the new pavilion extends from the museum’s neoclassical wing, designed by James Barnet in 1890, like a jewel set in sandstone.

Behind the pleated glass curtain, 48 diamond-shaped coloured glass blades refract and diffuse the northern sun.

Constructed using products sourced exclusively from AGC Products we think the project has been a fantastic success and stands as a testament to modern architectural design and the use of quality materials.