Pilkington Profilit

Pilkington Profilit™ (U Shape Glass) is a self-supporting cast channel glass in primary annealed form which obscures vision for privacy but allows transparent light transmission.

It can be used in either interior or exterior applications which can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Pilkington Profilit™ U Shape glass could be single glazed or double glazed in perimeter frame depending on different and versatile applications. The dual glazed glass is energy efficient and provides excellent sound reduction. The linear channel glass is available in a wide range of options starting from clear, standard hue texture, new surface finishes (Wave, Micro, Macro, Slim Line) , Amethyst coated, low-e coated (Plus 1.7), solar control coated (Antisol), low iron, wired (for safety) and in variety of width. Besides, this glass could be cut to sizes and supplied in tempered (for impact safety), tempered with heat soaked test, Opal design and color enameled

Key Benefits

  • Provides high light diffusion
  • Can be attained in large curtain walling sizes
  • Allows the construction of curved walls
  • Rapid and easy maintenance and replacement
  • Can be fitted in single or double walls
  • Available in several colours
Profilit Product Examples
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