OKAWOOD – Insulating glass with timber inserts

**OKAWOOD Insulating glass with timber inserts **As a natural material, wood creates a very comfortable atmosphere inside buildings. This is also true for the glazing: The incorporation of wood into the glazing projects the exclusive natural raw material and its special colouration.

OKAWOOD with its timber grid in the interpane cavity allows warmly coloured light to fall into the room.

OKAWOOD with timber veneer adds the emotional warmth and vitality of the natural material to the building’s contours – the exclusive woods are protected from UV- radiation and any other climatic conditions.

OKAWOOD with timber louvres is a design-oriented sunshade system. In the cavity of the insulating glazing, the narrow profiles, made of thermally modified wood, ensure effectire sun and glare protection and allow warm tones of daylight to enter the room. Press on the menu button below to get additional information. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

OKAWOOD  Insulating glass with timber grid
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OKAWOOD facilitates the synthesis of the original raw material wood and the plain surface glass. It stands for timber grid inserts in the inner pane space which give rise to a unique and breath-taking melange of cosiness and modern functionality, recalcitrant, obdurate charm and efficient transparency.

Product details

Only a few selected types of domestic and exotic wood are suitable for integration in the cavity. The glass protects the timber inserts from the effects of the weather allowing them to retain their elegant, original appearance. Your special requirements on transparency and light transmission can be met by a bespoke adjustment of the louvre intervals.

Wood gets fixed as a grid in the inner space between the panes. The horizontal wooden bars are 10 mm dibble. Depending on the gas filling and coating, the 2-pane make-up achieves Ug-values 1.3 – 1,9 W/(m²K) | 0.23 – 0.33 Btu/(h ft² °F) . As a 3-pane make-up, Ug-values 0.6  – 1,0 W/(m²K) | 0.11 – 0.18 Btu/(h ft² °F) are possible. The product documentation of OKAWOOD includes detailed, angle- dependent light transmission and TSET. We recommend the use of clamped panes as inner or outer panels, depending on the requirements as mono-pane security glass or as VSG- pane with a stretched pane.

The transparency and variances in the view through the panes can be achieved by alternating the distances between the wooden fillings, leading to different and higher light transmission and TSET. The surface quality of the wood is usually saw wood – as long as not otherwise specified.

OKAWOOD   Façade element with timber veneer
Brochure OKAWOOD with Functional Timber Insert  PDF| 1.3 mb
Brochure Innovation in Glass PDF | 629 kb
Infotext OKAWOOD timber veneer PDF | 1.1 MB
Tender specification OKAWOOD timber veneer PDF | 44 KB
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OKAWOOD veneer adds a touch of individuality to your edifices and glass facades. Our manifold range of veneers allows you to veil your building with an exotic, elegant or pure and basic aura.

Product details

OKAWOOD veneer is a glass-wood spandrel, sealed by a 2 mm (grey, black or white) silicon coating. This panel is no isolating glass but designed for use as façade decoration with back heating or warm façade. There are no limits regarding the construction: OKA

WOOD veneer can be used in combination with a post-center section. or as a SG system. The element itself is made of two previously stretched panes, minimum strength 6 mm. It is possible to combine the panel with a laminated TVG pane. The space between is filled with a veneered, min. 10mm strong MDF panel. There are no limits regarding the choice of veneers! However, it is advisable to request all chosen wood pieces since the world market might not be able to provide all veneers in the required dimensions.

The MDG panel limits the maximum dimensions available to 1300 mm x 2700 mm, special sizes might be available on request.

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