OKAWOOD Timber Grid

Insulating Glass with Functional Timber Grid

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High Functionality

  • Effective, direction selective sun and glare protection
  • View and light transmission can be adjusted at the factory
  • Embedding in a Multifunctional Module (MFM) is possible
  • Fire resistance according to requirements
  • Visibility as bird protection function


  • Renewable material
  • Timber Grids originate from sustainable forest cultivations
  • The glass protects the high-quality inserts from adverse weather conditions
  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free and easy to clean
  • Fully recyclable

Variety of Design and Attractive Aesthetics

  • Natural appearance with unmistakable character
  • Vivid building shell
  • Consistent design concepts from the façade to the interior can be realized
  • Sophisticated Interior-Design-Solutions, for example as partition, privacy or exhibition architecture

User Comfort

  • Comfortable atmosphere through warmly tinted light
  • Smart perception of surroundings

The filigree horizontal wooden rods with a view width of 10 mm and are carried at intervals of 50 – 60 cm by 10 mm wide vertical seating. As a rule, the wood insert is installed in combination with a heat protection layer on the inner pane. We recommend a toughened safety glass (ESG / ESG-H) or a laminated safety glass (VSG) made of toughened glass (TVG) as an inner or outer pane.

Double glazing build-up – vertical glazing

Build-up and principle of function


White Seraya

Maximum dimensions Abachi, White Seraya: 1,700 mm x 3,500 mm, larger sizes upon request

  • 1 – Double glazing build-up with a functional low-e coating at face #3 vertical glazing
  • 2 – for angle of incidence γ = 60°
  • 3 – for angle of incidence γ = 0° (vertical to the glass surface)

Light transmission according to DIN EN 410 in 2-pane construction with heat protection layer

G-value according to DIN EN 410 in 2-pane construction with heat protection layer

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