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OKATHERM functional insulating glasses are manufactured in a great variety of different configurations in order to fulfil the project-specific demands of architects and planners. Being an independent and not glasshouse-bound producer of high-quality insulating glasses, OKALUX is able to use all basic glasses that are available on the market, including coated, pre-stretched, laminated or otherwise treated glasses. The result is that OKALUX can offer the best AND the most cost-minimising solution to meet the concrete needs and requirements of architects and planners:

OKATHERM functional insulating glass is made of two or three glasses, divided by a surrounding spacer with hermetic sealing: OKATHERMfunctional insulating glass is available with all common glass types. Depending on the installation situation and creative demands, there are two possible solutions: either a clear, tinted glass coated with a heat loss protection layer or a combined heat loss and sun protection layer (float glass) OR a white glass with a minimised amount of iron oxide. Both planar and bend glass can be used. Laminated glasses for security or soundproofing reasons can also be applied. If necessary, the glasses can be processed to insulating glass as ESG (completely pre-stretched mono- pane security glass) or as TVG (partially pre-stretched). Finally, there is the option to refine the insulating glass in combination with a digital printing system (OKACOLOR) or etched glass (OKAFROST).

The quality of the sealing significantly influences the product life cycle of an insulating glass. The sealing of OKALUX is generally made of a machine-bend and desicant material filled spacer. This is also the case for sketch panes. High-quality Polyisobutylen is used as steam protection between spacer and glass. Special 2-component polysulfide or UV- resistant 2-component silicone is used for the outer secundary sealing, depending on the requirements. Under consideration of various aspects, it is also possible to use a gastight sealing. This option should possibly be discussed with our technical experts.

The inter-pane cavity is – as long as no other requirements are made – filled with air. To achieve a better thermal insulation, the inter-pane cavity can also be filled with noble gases such as Argon or Krypton (in combination with a heat protection layer).

Due to the long-term experience with other OKALUX products, there is the possibility to integrate especially developed reflectors (OKASOLAR), perforated metal sheets (OKATECH) or other innovations in the inter- pane cavity to fulfil the wants of architects and illumination planners. Please consider our large product spectrum with its various available options.

The main amount of technical data for OKATHERM functional insulating glass can be adjusted according to the individual requirements of the object.

Variable values are (among others):

  • Light transmission

  • Light reflection

  • Total degree of energy transmission and emission

  • Degree of soundproofing

  • Colour reproduction

  • Heat transmission value (Ug-value/TSET)

  • UV transmission

You can find the values of the combinations referring to our standard insulating glasses in the technical data section of the information text.

OKALUX is a specialist in finding practical solutions for complex, technical problems. Our professional and reliable staff can master even the most challenging and complicated orders.

For structural glazing applications concerning façades or rooftops, OKATHERM functional insulating glass can easily be bonded with adapter frames as designed or provided by the clients.

OKATHERM functional insulating glass is available with one-sided or multi- sided jutting out.

OKATHERM functional insulating can be offered with glass butt joints and eave metal sheets to improve the draining of water and minimise the construction part. The metal sheets can be lacquered in all available RAL colours. Parapets with the respective thermal insulation can be produced to match the selected OKATHERM functional insulation glass.

OKATHERM functional insulating glass can be adjusted to the safety requirements of the respective installation situation. Possible are: Glass panes which are protected against throwing through, breaking through and shooting through. In case of overhead glazings it is necessary that the interior pane is a bound and splitter binding security glass.

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