Okalux HPI

Designing Energy Efficient Buildings

OKALUX HPI High Performance Insulating Glass Module consists of a vacuum insulating panel built into the cavity of an insulating glass module. It can be combined and laminated with numerous design inserts.

The vacuum insulating panel enables excellent heat insulation in very narrow build-ups. The opaque insulating glass modules can be mounted in areas of the façade in which incidental light is not wanted or possible – i.e. in front of storey ceilings, in parapet or peripheral areas – without having to interrupt the façade System.

OKALUX HPI can significantly improve the energy balance of a building shell. Moreover, construction and assembly costs are reduced and building processes simplified due to the narrow build-up. There are no maintenance or cleaning costs as the mounting is in the cavity.

OKALUX HPI is available in a large variety of designs and can be combined with most of the product groups of OKALUX, thereby facilitating a uniform facade appearance.

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Perfect Thermal Insulation

  • Optimises the energy standard of façades
  • Adaptable as required
  • Embedding in a Multifunctional Module (MFM) is possible
  • The energy balance of the building can be significantly improved by combining OKALUX HPI

Cost Saving

  • Thanks to its slender build-up, construction and installation costs are reduced as well as processes simplified
  • Useable interior space is gained (additional income)
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean

Bespoke Appearance and High Standards of Design

  • Aesthetic appearance independent of any façade construction
  • Compatible with all standard façade systems and even structural glazing
  • Enables continuity in façade design
  • The constructive depth is comparable to that of a conventional glass unit – Areas facing the interior of the room can be free designed
  • Suitable with restoration projects as well as individual, bespoke design solutions

External pane made of thermally treated glass. The glass type and thickness vary according to static requirements. Cavity: 20-40 mm for Vacuum Insulation Panel + x mm for design inlay. Inner pane made of float glass or thermally treated glass. The glass type and thickness vary according to static requirements.

A large number of functional and aesthetically appealing OKALUX inlays can be combined with the vacuum insulation Panel OKALUX HPI:

  • Glass fibre tissue
  • Metal – OKATECH expanded metal, OKATECH wire mesh
  • Stein – OKASTONE
  • Digital print – OKACOLOR
  • Special-purpose solution – OKA X

The thickness of the entire structure depends on the thickness of the inlay selected, the thickness of the vacuum insulation panel and the glass thickness.

build-up with design insert

Vacuum Insulation Panel

Digital print

Lacquer grey

Tissue black

Expanded aluminium

  • Maximum dimensions: 4,000 mm x 2,000 mm, larger sizes available upon request
  • Vacuum insulation units up to a weight of 1,000 kg


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