Unlimited Colour and Image Selection on Glass for Façade and Interior Design

Your glass facades are given an individual design with the digital printing technology and varnishes of OKACOLOR. Each individual motif and every color can be realized on any area size. OKACOLOR is suited for insulating glass, parapets, curtain facades and many other exterior applications.

Moreover, OKACOLOR offers a broad range of application for interior decorating: foyers, illuminated ceilings, art objects as well as exhibition architecture, furniture, guidance systems, and advertising mediums become attractive eye-catchers due to OKACOLOR’s high image resolution and color brilliance.

A special primer ensures that the color will adhere strongly to the glass. A resistant topcoat seals your individual print either in a translucent or opaque manner and protects it from UV rays.

We have many years of competence in glass technology and will be happy to help you realize your ideas.
We are sure to find the perfect solution for your individual OKACOLOR!

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Variety of Applications

  • Suitable for insulating glass, parapets, curtain facades and many other exterior applications
  • When applied in the interior, it transforms exhibition architecture, furniture, guiding systems and advertising materials into attractive eye-catchers
  • Applicable in single glass panes, insulating glass, and laminated glass as well as numerous other materials, as, for example, perspex, metal or laminated board

Freedom of Design and High Design Standards

  • Enables photo-realistic image reproduction with up to 600 dpi
  • The digital print can be combined with monochrome, translucent or opaque varnish
  • Incomparably high color brilliance
  • Facades are given an individual character

Sustainability and Cost Savings

  • Good protection from UV rays, weathering and abrasion
  • Economical advantages over screen printing process
  • Fully recyclable
  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free and easy to clean


  • Embedding in a Multifunctional Module (MFM) is possible
  • The energy balance of the building can be significantly improved by combining OKALUX HPI

Single glazing (float glass, prestressed glass): Coating on #2 as a Laminated glazing: Coating on #4 as a rule Insulation glass: Coating on #2 as a rule Thermal protection layer on #3 (Standard layer configuration in insulation glass)

The OKACOLOR product range includes the

  • OKACOLOR Lacquering (monochr
  • OKACOLOR Design (Special-effect glass with motif)
  • Maximum dimensions: 2,050 mm x 5,000 mm, larger sizes available upon request
  • Maximum printing resolution: 600 dpi
  • The thermal transmission (U-value) for OKACOLOR will generally correspond with that for an un-printed insulating glass unit of the same basic configuration, with double glazing able to achieve values as low as 1.0 W/(m2K) (0.176 Btu/hr/ft²/R) and triple glazing down to 0.5 W/(m2K) (0.09 Btu/hr/ft²/R). Light and solar energy transmission will depend upon the nature of the OKACOLOR application selected, although our technical department will be able to provide data once this has been determined.
  • A print ready-to-print template is required for printing in PDF, EPS, TIFF or PSD format, which is created in the later original size.


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