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Project Update: The Shard – Eastlands Shopping Precinct

The Shard, a 24m by 12m steel roof structure, which cantilevers to create the effect of a floating ceiling.

Located at the new Eastlands Shopping Precinct in Melbourne, this beautifully designed piece of architecture is an iconic entrance feature, transitioning clients from the ordinary world into one of discovery.

Architecturally designed by The Buchan Group and ACME, the construction materials included structural steel, roof cladding, ceiling services and curved glazing.

The curved glass was manufactured by our partners at Cricursa in Barcelona, Spain who are known for producing curved glass with brilliant clarity and exceptional quality. Each of these curved pieces consisted of two pieces of 10mm Low Iron Annealed Glass laminated with a 1.52mm PVB interlayer. With an average height of 6 metres, these curved pieces are some of the largest curved pieces of glass we have ever sourced for the Australian market.

Also vital to the project were the skills of the glazing installation professionals, ensuring the finishing touches to The Shard were of an exceptional standard. Two leading glazing contractors (Instyle Group and 360 Windows) joined forces to complete this masterpiece. While Instyle Group worked about the design of glazing these curved wonders, 360 Windows was tasked with the actual installation. The hard work and dedication of both of these companies has shown what a vibrant and intelligent glazing industry Australia enjoys.

The team at Architectural Glass & Cladding would like to thank everyone involved with this project that we are especially proud of.

You can view the Cricursa catalogue on our website here.