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Oklahoma Science Museum Project Update

Our friends and partners at Okalux North America were tasked with supplying a glass façade solution for the Oklahoma Science Museum that would allow natural light to filter through yet also ensure heat loss was kept to a minimum without affecting aesthetics.

Their solution?… Working with architect Mike Mays of Elliott & Associates in Oklahoma City, OK, Okalux NA worked on the design of the Oklaux Okawood Vertical Oriented Louvre system.

The addition of the Wood inserts into an insulated glass unit allows for warm light to illuminate the interior of the museum through the cavities between the timber reducing the need for artificial light while at the same time allowing a good view to the outside.

The timber chosen for the project was White Seraya, a species of plant found in the Philippines and the northeast coast of Sabah in Borneo which adds to the aesthetics of the façade.

With the addition of Low-E glass, they were also able to ensure that the amount of heat lost was kept to a minimum. They were even able to to incorporate a spare IGU for the use of a new sign for the science museum.

Project: Oklahoma Science Museum
Location: Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Architect: Elliot & Associates
Product Supplied: 30mm Okalux Okawood with White Seraya Vertical Insert

IGU Makeup
Outer: 6mm Clear Toughened Heat Soak
Intermediate: 18mm Air filled spacer with Okawood White Seraya Wood
Inner: 6mm Interpane I-Plus Low-E #3 Toughened Heat Soak
Average Panel Size: 1200mm x 4000mm

We’d like to thank our friends at Okalux North America for sharing this project with us. We think the results speak for themselves.

If you are looking for a supplier of premium glass and cladding façade products then give us a call so we can get started on your next project.